Linkage 马铃薯全粉

Linkage·Potato Flakes

We brought in the global advanced potato flakes processing equipment and technology. With the good quality underground water, we can produce flakes with low reducing sugar, low microorganism, high stability, high degree of cell integration, and high hydroscopicity. Based on customers’ requests, we can offer potato flakes with various varieties, density and viscosity. Every physical and chemical index of our products can meet the EU standard. With the good quality, we win the trust from customers and developed long term cooperation with Dali Food Group, Pepsi Food (China) Co., Ltd., Fujian Paoba Food Co.,Ltd., Shangdong Huashi Fishing Lures Co.,Ltd., Foshan Nanhai Nanbei Fishing Tools Co.,Ltd..


Linkage ·马铃薯全粉




Linkage·Potato Flakes

Linkage Potato Flakes is produced by Linkage. Linkage potato flakes is made of every carefully selected potato based on EU standard with advanced processing lines by strict control of raw materials and processing technology to fully guarantee its quality and safety. As a result, it is not only winning the trustworthy of cooperation partners but also bringing the healthy and delicious tasty experiences to the consumers.


Linkage ·马铃薯雪花全粉



薯愿 · 鲜薯

Shuwang·Fresh potato

Each Shuwang potato is selected from Linkage potato production base located in Horqin sandy land. The potato from sandy land is rich of nutrition and tasty. And at the same time, relying on the advanced seed potato research technology and modern production and management, we realized the whole process can be controlled and traced back.






福农 · 种薯

Funong·Seed potato

Linkage have been insisting on independent scientific research and breeding of seed potato with high quality for many years. The three-generation breeding system strictly controls the quality of seed potato which guarantees the high efficient operation of potato industry from the source.